Live by the Laws of Higher Consciousness

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Developed over the span of two years, Live by the Laws of Higher Consciousness explores the 12 Universal Laws through four disciplines: the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Laws of Metaphysics, the Laws of Modern Physics and the Laws of Spirit Science.  Each discipline teaches us the behavior of matter as we seek to utilize our thoughts to shape our reality.

Joined by a group of experts and hosted by Shira, this docu-series style course also includes a full lesson book or each law, as well as links to LIVE Q&A discussions with other students across the globe.  You can only get it on, though, so click here to access the full content of this life-changing Master Class, TODAY!

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12 Universal Laws of Higher Consciousness

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12 Universal Laws of Higher Consciousness: Lesson Breakdown

Part I: Laws of Quantum Physics

(Laws of the intangible, infinitesimal, physical world)

Lesson 1: The Law of Light

    Light is the primal essence of physical matter. When we learn how to navigate our reality at this level, we begin to govern our universe in unimaginable ways.

Lesson 2: The Law of Vibration

    Light is not only the essence of matter, but its properties of vibration lend it to being a movable substance. We can manipulate the intangible realm by simply understanding the behavior of vibrating matter.

Lesson 3: The Law of Expansion

    Vibrating matter has the capability of expanding from its most infinitesimal state to that of the physical world. Understanding expansion helps us to grow our thoughts, emotions and feelings into an ideal physical reality.

Part II: Laws of Metaphysics

(Laws of rhythm, cycles, and connection within the physical world)

Lesson 4: The Law of Allowing

    It is critical that we understand the behavior of our physical world from a much larger temporal scale. Allowing teaches us how to be receptive and open, by understanding the patterns of rhythm and cycles within the universe.

Lesson 5: The Law of Giving

    The universe derives all of its creations from patterns. Patterns are uniquely formed by reinforcing templates. Giving is one of the easiest patterns from which the matter in the physical universe can create. To create from giving provides the greatest catalyst from which our desires may manifest.

Lesson 6: The Law of Intention

    The term “intention” is defined as “a plan”; however, a plan may only manifest from a conscious, present state. We must make our plans from a space of BEING and KNOWING. Only then does a true connection between the intangible and tangible occur, and only then can our desires truly manifest beyond our wildest dreams.

Part III: Laws of Modern Physics

(Laws of the physical world, implicating the behavior of the intangible world)

Lesson 7: The Law of Time

    Time behaves unusually, if one were to observe it carefully.  Time is relative, though it is required for measuring the physical reality.  When we learn the four unique facets of time, we can create a world where it bends around our desires.

Lesson 8: The Law of Attraction

    So often, many of us have heard the phrase, “Like attracts like,” without context of how this is so.  The law of attraction teaches us how our desires attract an energetically equivalent physical reality.  When we understand that this physical reality is matched to our sustained energetic input, we begin to attract that which we desire.

Lesson 9: The Law of Duality

    The physical realm behaves in a gendered manner.  In order that the law of attraction maintain its viability, there must be two equally opposing forces in the first place.  When we understand this characteristic of the physical world, we begin to match our internal energy to that which is capable of manifesting in the physical.

Part IV: Laws of Spirit Science

(Laws of the Spiritual world, provided by supernatural, yet actual, phenomena)

Lesson 10: The Law of Karma

    Many individuals may discount the Spiritual Law of Karma, because there is no physical rule dictating its presence; however, karma has inexplicably taught its students lessons for millions of years.  As history shows, karma may be positive or negative, and it is equally unrelenting as it is just.  When we learn these karmic lessons quickly, we open our reality in inconceivable ways.

Lesson 11: The Law of Transcendence

    Just as karma has no physical law governing its behavior, transcendence has very few, if any, roots in the physical world.  Our ability to receive knowledge and information from the nether-realms seems unfathomable, yet, we have evidence that this connection has occurred.  When we are open to communication to the Spiritual plane, we gain access to an abundant reality.

Lesson 12: The Law of Love

    Love is the component which ties together every universal law.  It is the unconditional nature of the world in which we live, whether or not we are enjoying that world.  Learning to love without condition is the key to healing and creating the world we desire.