Inspire the Creator Within


Life isn't equipped with a manual to teach us how to begin embarking upon our various ambitions. Sometimes, the key in life is to simply start. Other times, we may need to find the highest expression of ourselves before we can even begin. Either way, Synchronicity Studios specializes in a variety of services to help you create your life, by awakening the CREATOR within you.


Life Classes

Synchronicity Studios is committed to making education available to everyone. We offer many different life classes and educational resources to suit your learning goals, pace and style. Try one of our complimentary courses today!

Course Creation & Video Services

Synchronicity Studios has a combined 15 years' experience in creating courses and producing content for clients with diverse backgrounds and unique goals.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help create your next dream course or video series.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is an organic approach to helping individuals navigate through life.  Synchronicity Studios has a wide range of consultants available to fit each client's personal needs.  Combined, we have counseled over 100 clients.   

Our apologies, as we are currently unable to take new coaching clients at this time.  Please continue to check this page for updates on coaching service availability.

Inspirational Speaking

We each have a unique gift to offer the world, but energy and inspiration are necessary components to finding and navigating our gifts.  Many of us take for granted the ability to become energized and inspired in our day-to-day circumstances - without acknowledging the work it takes to feel the predominant vibration of positivity.

Inspirational messages awaken the potential in even the most listless of us, and inspires us to become all we were meant to be in this life.  Synchronicity Studios' Owner, Shira, has spent over 1,000 hours speaking live and recorded inspirational messages to international audiences over the last decade.  Contact us today to schedule an inspirational message for your group or company event.


Web Building and Branding

Aside from education and production, Synchronicity Studios has consulting services for your business or personal brand.  We have tools that are designed to build your website, organize your business, or, develop your brand.   Our past clients range from designers to attorneys, and our projects include creating websites and training documents for companies.  Whatever your business, whatever your need, we can expand your ideas into their potential. Contact us today to see samples from our portfolio.