The Power of Intention

Intention is Power

We are well into the 2018 year, and many of us have not seen the power of intention working for us yet - perhaps this perspective has been earned because we haven't yet been truly intentional.  So, what does it mean to be "truly" intentional?

Let us first examine ourselves and how we conduct our creative masterpieces throughout the nuances of each day.  For instance, when we wake up, do we take the time to visualize or write down what we intend to happen throughout the day?  Do we imagine what mood we intend to maintain, or how we will project our personalities into the energetic spaces we inhabit throughout the day?  To answer these questions, we have to locate our habits.

Our habits dictate who we are in our intentional selves.  We do not receive our blessings due to moments of insight, rather, we see our dreams manifested as a result of diligence and tenacity built over sequential, seemingly inert moments of each day.  The big picture of our life unfolds because of the addition of many tiny moments - not necessarily because of sporadic moments of insight.   The more intentional we are in driving those tiny moments, the more our reality is shaped to our favor and delight.

In other words, the moments in between the manifestations provide the building blocks for the biggest phenomena that we experience in life.  The moments between manifestations are directly related to the amount of effort we put into our day-to-day creations.  When we are not consistently and habitually deliberate in our creations, we do not see the fruits of our labor - because we have not labored.  

We do not necessarily need to be unrelenting work horses to create deliberately, but we do need to focus our consciousness to really see how the Universe works in our favor.  We are co-creating our lives in a cyclic nature - in part taking action, and also listening to the quietude of our minds for the answers that will drive our actions.  If we build a habit of mentally shaping our day as it goes along, and then expand this mental creation to our future desires, we will find how powerful we are in designing our realities.  Eventually, we will find that we have created exactly what we desire - and more.  

Take the time now to visualize and record the life you want to see.  Even if today you do not experience your dreams, you can utilize your perceived failures as practice for building what you do want to experience in your creation.  You will find that with practice and perseverance, you become a Master Creator and begin fulfilling your destiny.

Peace and Peace,
Shira - Synchronicity Studios, Owner