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Finish Strong

Many of us have regarded 2017 as a not-so-great year...but how many of us knows someone who ends a year with optimism? With new years' resolutions around the corner, many of us are habitually primed to start something new before we have even finished what is before us.

Something that I have often heard over the years is the phrase, "Finish strong" - in reference to doing any rigorous activity. This phrase is used to encapsulate a very simple strategy for strength and growth, because however we finish is the manner in which we may begin our next training session.  If we finish strong, we enter our new beginning with insurmountable fortitude - much more than had we finished..."regular."

The same phrase may be applied to the yearly race of life, which is often disregarded and carelessly tossed aside to make room for the next race. When we finish strong, we gain stamina and endurance, and we are substantially better prepared for the race ahead, than when we are flippant.

Let us not justify the ending of a displeasing year with the crassness of fatigue. Let us instead remain uplifted, charged and renewed, for we are not promised the next day, let alone, YEAR of life. Let us draw upon strength to reflect upon what we would like to do better next year, and give closure to those things which no longer serve us.

In the tradition of finishing strong, we would like to finish the VERY LAST DAY OF THE YEAR with the debut of the ALL-NEW synchronicitystudios.com - a place of community, promise, and enlightenment. Here's to all the GREAT happenings in 2017 - may they pave the way for an even BETTER 2018!

Peace and Peace,
Shira - Synchronicity Studios, Owner